Fusion HCM Tricks: How to embed BI Publisher Report into Performance Document


Fusion HCM is another big and very interesting area with which I work.
In this post I would like to tell about Fusion Performance Management Solution and about some tricks how to make Performance Documents in the system more friendly by designing templates which fits requirements from customers.

Performance Management solutions are a critical tool in managing today’s workforce. In traditional HR systems, managers have little insight into how performance ratings are distributed without generating paper reports or Excel graphs.

Oracle Fusion Performance Management has been redesigned to move away from tracking papers and forms to strategic growth and development activities. It’s designed to support workers, managers and business leaders with evaluation of worker performance.

In the system we define Performance Templates to create the performance documents that managers, workers, and participants use to evaluate workers’ performance for a given time period or project. The performance template combines the process flow definition and  the section definitions. The performance template can also contain static content, such as competencies and goals.

Using Questionnaires

The best way for design of interactive templates is to leverage questionnaire features.

Questionnaires are mainly used for Performance 360-Degree Reviews to provide feedback from participants, but we can also use them functionality to create interactive templates with embedded guides, instructions, videos and reports.

In the following pictures you can see Manage Questionnaire Work Area which allows to create required questionnaires in the system.



We able to create content using internal rich text editor or We can switch to HTML mode and directly insert HTML code here. For each section in the questionnaire you can insert one piece of html code with embedded external content.


Simple way to insert external content into HTML document is to use <iframe> tag. An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a Web page.

How to insert BI Publisher Report

To insert PI Publisher Report into section of questionnaire we will use <iframe> tag metioned above. First of all we need to get URL link to the report from BI Service in our HCM Cloud environment. We can do it from BIP Designer. Please see screenshots below:



Final code looks like:

<iframe width=”854″ height=”580″ src=”https://bi-server.domain.com/xmlpserver/viewer.jsp?_xana=view&_xt=Personal%20Profile%20-%20BIP&_xdo=%2FCustom%2FDIP%2FCompetency%20GAPs.xdo&_xpt=1&_xt=Personal%20Profile%20-%20BIP&_xf=analyze&_xusesample=false&#8221; frameborder=”1″ allowfullscreen=””>

Please Note:

The only parameter we can use to create the report is the connected user.
This is enough to display information during the self evaluation.
To identify user who launch report we can use BIP parameter :xdo_user_name in Data Model. Something like this:
select person_id from per_users where username = upper(:xdo_user_name)

Of course you can define other parameters for BIP report, but you should provide actual values at runtime.


As you can see Oracle HCM Cloud provides enough flexibility to design needed interactive Performance Document Templates with ability to support all customer requirements including embedded reporting, instructions, guides, etc.

I appreciate your time and ready to continue our discussion/collaboration in areas mentioned above.

Best Regards,



One thought on “Fusion HCM Tricks: How to embed BI Publisher Report into Performance Document

  1. I’ve seen this solution kicking around internally at Oracle – very nicely documented and hope that more customers will use this as it is an elegant solution.


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