Oracle E-Business Suite Trick: How to provide cascading dependency in value sets

Cascading dependency in value sets

A few days ago I reviewed my old notes and found an interesting approach we used in one of the OEBS Implementation Projects. And I decide to share my experience with you.

According to the requirements we had to realize the possibility of assigning special codes to EBS HR jobs according to the National Classifier of jobs. The National Classifier has a hierarchical structure with more the 5 nesting levels.

Although, the OEBS system has ability to create dependent value sets, there is possible to create only one level dependency in value sets.

But! If you carefully read the documentation about Values and Value Sets features (link to Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide you can acheive needed requirements using Table-Validated Value Sets and :$FLEX$.Value_ Set_Name bind variable.

Finally We have loaded National Classifier into user defined lookup and have implemented cascading dependency on Table-Validated Value Sets and $FLEX$ bind variable.

I’ve configured 4 nesting levels only in my demo scenario which you can see on screenshot.


Recently I have discovered how it’s easy to create screen recording with Simple Screen Recorder in my Ubuntu system. See:

By the way, as you can see, there is no more problem to run OEBS Forms Client on Ubuntu OS (or on other Linux systems). I use VM Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.4.

All details you can see in my silent movie:) I’ve recorded by tool mentioned above:

Good Luck.

I appreciate your time and ready to continue our discussion/collaboration in this area.




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