HCM Data Loader Automation – Part II

A year ago I wrote an article in which I discussed an approach how to automate HCM Data Loader process using a WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility and a Data Loader Web Service.(https://xxxx.oraclecloud.com/hcmCommonDataLoader/HCMDataLoader?WSDL)

I couldn’t even imagine it would be so much popular.┬áThere are more than 2K views for this year.

But there was one issue with an integration web service that prevented to get full advantage of that approach. There was impossible to get a final status of HCM Data load process through a web service method. Continue reading

Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Security Essentials course

I am pleased to announce that our team has launched a new Fusion HCM Security Essentials online course.

Security implementation is a very important step in every IT implementation project. It is getting even more critical in the Cloud environment. That’s why Oracle recommends to pay much attention on security configuration at the very beginning of the Oracle Cloud implementation cycle. There are special tasks in Cloud Application Services Implementation Approach methodology such as Develop Security and Validation Strategies and Implement Security.

I spent a lot of time to identify and cover all critical aspects of Fusion HCM security starting from Role Based Access Control model in Fusion Applications and user/role provisioning methods as well as Data Security and key components that are used during security implementation.
Also we tried to outline the key points in security optimization and the best practices that gained during real projects (for example, the benefits of using Dynamic Security profiles).

I am pretty sure that our course will be useful for a wide auditory starting from Technical and Security Consultants to Security Compliance Managers and Team Leaders.

All detailed information about the course you can get by following the link:


So don’t hesitate and book this course.

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