How to generate a tab delimited output using BI Publisher

Hi community,

I just want to share a useful finding I have discovered recently. The requirement was to generate a tab delimited output from Oracle HCM Cloud database to deliver a file to an outbound integration.
Earlier I used eText templates to do similar transformations but it can be achieved without it.

Let’s go through the steps do demonstrate it:

  • Create a BIP data model based on the simple query

Here is an output

  • Create a BIP report
  • Open “Report Properties>Formatting(Tab)”

Scroll down to the CSV Output properties and set the CSV Delimiter property to Tab(\t). You might as well set it to Pipe(|):

  • Set a Default Format -> Data(CSV)

That’s it.

Here it is. Easy-peasy 🙂

I hope you find it helpful.


Oracle HCM Cloud REST API how-to miniseries || – Setting a REST API Framework Version

Hi community,

I noticed that the blog “Oracle HCM Cloud REST API how-to miniseries I” is getting popular and today I am going to continue on the topic related to REST APIs in the Oracle HCM Cloud.

I would like to share one important point related to the REST API calls. It’s a REST API framework version.

You may utilize new features or enhancements by specifying a framework version. Depending on the version, functionality for accessing business objects will be different.

Oracle HCM Cloud supports 7 (?) framework versions:

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