How to generate a tab delimited output using BI Publisher

Hi community,

I just want to share a useful finding I have discovered recently. The requirement was to generate a tab delimited output from Oracle HCM Cloud database to deliver a file to an outbound integration.
Earlier I used eText templates to do similar transformations but it can be achieved without it.

Let’s go through the steps do demonstrate it:

  • Create a BIP data model based on the simple query

Here is an output

  • Create a BIP report
  • Open “Report Properties>Formatting(Tab)”

Scroll down to the CSV Output properties and set the CSV Delimiter property to Tab(\t). You might as well set it to Pipe(|):

  • Set a Default Format -> Data(CSV)

That’s it.

Here it is. Easy-peasy 🙂

I hope you find it helpful.


Hierarchy Visualization in OTBI using Google Organization Charts

From time to time I am asked by my customers and prospects who are wondered if there is any way with in Oracle HCM Cloud to represent hierarchical organizational structures in graphical views. I knew that Oracle BIEE can use Google Charts APIs to render Organization Charts and I tried to sort out the details to get the most of that technique. I also was going to figure out how to place some formatting and interactive features. let’s see what I managed to get.

Google Charts library can be utilized within Fusion HCM OTBI for visual representation of Management Hierarchies as well as Department – Position – Employee relationships.

So how does the API work? That is a JavaScript library so the basic knowledge of JavaScript will be helpful. Basically we include the API on our narrative view and then make calls to the various methods provided. The developer page has a simple example that we can use as our starting point. Please take a quick look over there before continuing reading.

Let me briefly introduce the steps how to build Organization Charts in OTBI Analysis.

Please read the rest of the article at the portal.