HCM Data Loader Automation – Part II

A year ago I wrote an article in which I discussed an approach how to automate HCM Data Loader process using a WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility and a Data Loader Web Service.(https://xxxx.oraclecloud.com/hcmCommonDataLoader/HCMDataLoader?WSDL)

I couldn’t even imagine it would be so much popular. There are more than 2K views for this year.

But there was one issue with an integration web service that prevented to get full advantage of that approach. There was impossible to get a final status of HCM Data load process through a web service method.

Fortunately Oracle development team has made a valuable improvement in the latest version of integration web service and provided a method for getting processing status (getDataSetStatus). Now you are able to get a final status of HDL process to be able to handle exceptions programmatically.

You can use Developer Connect work area within Fusion HCM to get detailed information about Data Loader Service and supported operations.


I decided to create a utility that would be helpful for an integration automation. Java is the most suitable for this task because of JAX-WS proxy class that extremely simplifies development process.
Oracle provides MOS Document: Automating HCM Data Loader. (support.oracle.com) with detailed instructions how to load data files into a content server, how to generate the JAX-WS proxy class for the HCMDataLoader web service using the wsimport command, and how to invoke web service methods using java.

I would like to note some important points that are missed in the Automating HCM Data Loader document:

  • It is not enough to check only Data Set status to ensure that overall status of HCM Data Loader process is successful.
  • You have to check both IMPORT and LOAD statuses.
  • If only LOAD status is SUCCESS you are absolutely sure that data file is imported and loaded successfully.

Let me briefly describe the logic of my HCMDataLoaderServiceAutomation class:
It reads zip files from a source directory in alphabetical order one by one, loads them to a content server and invoke importAndLoadData method. Then a utility checks Data Set status, Import status and load status and sends e-mail notification to a gmail address specified in parameters.


Here are some screenshot with notifications:

HDL Work Area:


If an overall status is successful, HCMDataLoaderServiceAutomation class moves processed files into the “Processed” folder. If there are any errors it moves zip files into the “Errors” folder.


HCMDataLoaderServiceAutomation can be scheduled on a periodic basis to check and load files from a source directory. In real integration scenarios this utility can be used in cooperation with 3rd party tools that are responsible for generation of HDL DAT files like HCM Extraction Toolkit for HCM Cloud Integration Using HCM Data Loader foe OEBS or PeopleSoft.
To install this utility you should:

  • Generate the JAX-WS proxy class for the HCMDataLoader web service using the wsimport command:

wsimport -s “HCMDataLoader” -d “HCMDataLoader” https://{host}/hcmCommonDataLoader/HCMDataLoader?wsdl

The generated files are placed in the following two folders:


  • Add the generated code to a jar file and put a jar archive to the lib directory provided with the program:

zip loaderIntegrationProxy.jar -r *

To run the program use the following syntax:
java -classpath “lib/*” com.oracle.xmlns.apps.hcm.common.dataloader.core.dataloaderintegrationservice.HCMDataLoaderServiceAutomation -d “/temp/Ready” -U HCM_IMPL -P password -h xxxx-test.fs.oraclecloud.com -e “admin@gmail.com” -p password

If you are interested in getting source code of a HCMDataLoaderServiceAutomation class feel free to reach out to me directly.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and remember:
“There are no speed limits on the road to excellence. ~ David W. Johnson
Kind regards,


3 thoughts on “HCM Data Loader Automation – Part II

  1. I’m not able to do
    zip loaderIntegrationProxy.jar -r
    bcz zip command not found in windows is there any alternative way that i can do and what is meaning of above command

  2. I am getting warning in like the following while creating proxy class

    [WARNING] schema_reference: Failed to read schema document ‘oracle-webservices-a
    sync-fault-11_0.xsd’, because ‘https’ access is not allowed due to restriction s
    et by the accessExternalSchema property.

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