Oracle Fusion HCM Approval Management online course

Dear colleagues,

Let me introduce our new Fusion HCM Approval Management online course.

Fusion Approvals Management is a highly extensible approvals rule engine which allows organizations to simply and effectively define business rules that determine who must approve a transaction originating within Fusion Application. The main benefit is to enable the business analyst to define simple or complex approval rules without writing programming code. You can define these rules by deciding what conditions should be met before approvals are required. The ability to use certain hierarchies such as supervisor or job enabling you to state how far up the hierarchy approvals should be routed for any given condition.

Although the given course was developed with focus on Fusioh HCM processes, it will be useful for all implementation consultants and business analysts who have a deal with approval rules in the other modules of Fusion Applications.

We tried to make this course not very long but interesting. The emphasis was placed on the real case scenarios and the useful features that not always mentioned in official documentation.

You can read a course curriculum and enroll the course by following this link:

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