The Top 10 Most Valuable Features of Fusion HCM Release 10 (IMHO)

Hi all,

I have just reviewed What’s New Documents of Fusion HCM Release 10 and I’d like to describe the most important ones. Of course this rating is only my personal vision and I’m not going to argue about the level of importance of some features.
Full list of the new features you can read on the Human Capital Management Release Readiness Page:

Top 10:

  1. Position Management Enhancements – Number of Incumbents.
    You can now control how many workers can be hired with the Number of Incumbents validation. This validation can prevent selecting a position in the assignment that does not have vacant Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) or headcount available.
    Let me explain why It’s so important. First of all I don’t consider this as an enhancement. Rather it is a finally fixed bug, because without position control it doesn’t make sense using positions at all.
    Secondly, HR Business practice both in our country and in almost all former USSR countries involves preparation of Staff List or Staff Register. This is a list of approved positions from all departments with required FTE or Headcount. It could be created as a result of Workforce Planning Process. And this Register is only one source for employment. I suppose similar requirements may be needed for other countries, especially in Public Sector. Before Release 10 it was not possible to configure this process with hard control in Global HCM but now we will be able to achieve our requirements with position incumbents validation.
  2. Position Management Enhancements – Position Synchronization.
    Position synchronization is inheritance of values in an assignment from the values specified in the associated position. Attributes that are configured to be synchronized will be displayed as read-only in the assignment and will inherit their values form the position. Synchronized attributes which are blank at the position can be edited in the assignment. To be in full compliance with the requirements mentioned above we need to allow inheritance of Departments, Jobs, Locations, Grades and FTE without ability to override them in the assignment level.
  3. Approval Notification Personalization
    As a Human Resources (HR) Administrator, you can now personalize HCM approval notifications. Using the Oracle Page Composer, you can selectively show and hide various components of the notification, including fields, labels and regions. You can edit labels, color, and the page layout. You can also add custom text and external links to the page.
    This feature has needed since the first version of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i was released. In OEBS we have had ability to customize workflow notification with Workflow Builder. But in the Oracle HCM Cloud we didn’t have ability to somehow solve this problem before Release 10.
    Let me provide one example: If approval process started from user who works in the system with Spanish UI for example, notification to the manager will be sent in Spanish Language. But in multi-language environment manager may use another base language (e.g. English) and won’t be able to understand text of notification. With the new feature we can duplicate notification instructions in all languages available in the production instance.
  4. Ability to Define Seniority Days
    You can now define seniority dates and configure the rules for creating and defaulting seniority dates. You can set up seniority dates at the person, work relationship, and assignment levels. You can configure whether the user can override automatic defaulting of the seniority date by accessing the Configure Seniority Dates task from the Setup and Maintenance work area.
    This is a good improvement but it can solve only half requirements.
    There are different types of seniority that could be suspended during employee life cycle and then renewed (e.g. seniority for work in harmful and dangerous working conditions). So it will be useful to provide ability for custom seniority length of service calculation, for example with a Fast Formula.
  5. Review Periods
    Associate performance goal plans and performance documents using the review period feature. You can define review periods for business periods and link them with performance goal plans in Goal Management and performance documents in Performance Management. Goal plans are now mandatory to enhance integration between Goal Management and Oracle Fusion Performance Management.
    Finally you can consider Goal Plans and Performance Evaluations as a single connected process.
  6. Multiple Measurements for Goals
    You can now measure employee performance with a higher level of granularity using a combination of quantitative and qualitative measurements. You can define multiple measurements of proper types for a goal to accurately capture different aspects of an achievement.
    You should set Profile Option HRG_ENABLE_MULTIPLE_MEASUREMENT to Yes.
  7. Interim Performance Document Support
    Set up performance templates to display comments and ratings from interim periods to display in a later evaluation period. With interim performance documents, you can setup performance templates for interim periods, such as quarterly and mid year evaluations, capture ratings and comments from those periods, and view them without exiting the current evaluation and opening another document.
    This is a very useful feature which was requested by many customers.
  8. Career Development
    Using Oracle Fusion Career Development, you can manage your workers career interests and development plan. Career Development provides a comprehensive development plan for workers that you can use to establish development goals and manage development progress.
    I would like to believe that in future releases of Fusion HCM will be provided seamless integration with Oracle Learning Cloud.
  9. Security Console
    Using this feature, you can perform all role-design tasks from a single console. You can also execute role-management activities that had previously required two tools: Oracle Identity Manager and Authorization Policy Manager. Visualize relationships among roles, and create, edit, copy, and compare roles.
    Although this feature was announced in Release 9, apparently, It became completely ready in Release 10. This tool is going to be a central repository of Roles and will help to simplify management of Security Roles in the system.
  10. User Experience
    Oracle continues to invest a lot of resources for development of Simplified User Interface (SUI) that is intuitive and easy to use. In Release 10 you will be able to use several new Work Areas that available in SUI.
    Such as:
    – My Goals and My Team Goals pages;
    – Simplified User Interface for Performance Management
    – Simplified User Interface for a Talent Profile: edit skills and qualifications
    – Simplified User Interface For Workforce Reputation Management

At conclusion I’d like to pay attention on two new features that have already been available in Oracle Sales Cloud. Unfortunately, they are still not available in Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • Infolets allow users to consume chunks of information from different sources, including BI, social tools, transactions, and more, in an efficient, timely, and engaging way directly from the home page. (In Release 10, only the Sales Cloud infolets page is available to be enabled.)
  • Deeplink – The ability to drilldown from OTBI to an object in the Fusion Application See: Support for drilldowns/Deeplink from OTBI to objects in Fusion Applications (Doc ID 1612091.1)

Good luck and remember:

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” ~ Albert Einstein

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.
I appreciate your time and ready to continue our discussion/collaboration in this area.




3 thoughts on “The Top 10 Most Valuable Features of Fusion HCM Release 10 (IMHO)

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  2. Very nice article
    I have one question , is goal management a seperate module or it is coming with performance management?
    Do u provode hcm trainings?

    • Hi,
      Fusion Goal Management Cloud Service and
      Fusion Performance Management Cloud Service are the options that you can pick separately.
      You have to buy either Fusion Human Capital Management Base Cloud Service or Fusion Talent Management Base Cloud Service and then you can choose additional options like Goal Management, Performance Management or Talent Review, etc.

      Yes, we provide Fusion HCM trainings.
      You can see the details of our online courses here:
      If you have any questions regarding trainings feel free to reach me out directly by e-mail. My e-mail:

      Kind regards,

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