Enabling a Unified Sandbox feature in Oracle HCM/ERP/CRM Cloud

Hi, community,

A couple of days ago I came across a new feature that has been available since Release 19C. I noticed it earlier but I am getting around to it only now. Well, the overall conclusion is very positive. It definitely simplifies all sandbox activities among different implementation streams that might work concurrently. The main advantages are the following:

  • Ability to select a configuration tool to be used for the Sandbox activity
  • Refresh and merge – update a sandbox with a latest mainline updates produced by publishing other sandboxes, possibility to resolve conflicts wherever it’s possible
  • Merge option is not supported for Application Composer, instead, there is provided a locking feature for objects maintained by application composer in the Unified Sandbox preventing concurrent updates to the same object
  • Now CSM provides the ability to set up a target instance for direct migration of customizations to PROD/QA instances.
  • CSM supports incremental loads now.

Let’s enable a Unified Sandbox in my test instance. Continue reading