Oracle HCM Cloud 20D Update: The Top 5 Most Valuable Features

Hi community,

It is getting regular that I review new features of upcoming quarter updates of the Oracle HCM Cloud family. Let’s keep it up with the Oracle Human Resources Cloud 20D update.
There a lot of new features/improvements as usual but I decided to focus on the 5 of the most important from my sight.
Almost all of the selected ones are related to the different improvements for the workers with multiple assignments.
The original document you can review here.

1. Secure Access For Workers With Multiple Assignments

Currently Oracle uses person level security model. That means if a user has access to the certain assignment he has access to a person including all assignments and the employment history. This behavior is not compliant with the security requirements for a huge amount of current customers and is a big stopper for new prospects.
An ER was raised many years ago and eventually Oracle managed to change this. Now a customer is able to select which security level fits for its requirements by enabling the following Profile Option Code –

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Oracle HCM Cloud 20C Update: The Top 5 Most Valuable Features

Hi community,

It’s been some time since my last post and I decided to post a new one. I have reviewed Cloud Readiness / Oracle Oracle HCM Cloud What’s New documents for the 20C update and would like to admit some of them definitely deserve attention.
Of course, the full list is quite long but I tried to outline those that I personally had in my wishlist.
A full list you can review here.

1. Actions Framework Improvements

Now you can configure country and/or role-specific action and action reasons that extend flexibility on filtering out lists of actions and reasons based on specific roles or countries.
Also, you can make assignment statuses country-specific and what was the most requested is to set a default assignment status based on the action selected. It might be useful if you use actions to register long-term absences with no eligibility for payroll during the absence period. It was quite a challenge to teach users to not forget changing assignment status for that kind of action. Now you can accommodate it to ensure consistency of transactions. Continue reading