Oracle HCM Cloud 20D Update: The Top 5 Most Valuable Features

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It is getting regular that I review new features of upcoming quarter updates of the Oracle HCM Cloud family. Let’s keep it up with the Oracle Human Resources Cloud 20D update.
There a lot of new features/improvements as usual but I decided to focus on the 5 of the most important from my sight.
Almost all of the selected ones are related to the different improvements for the workers with multiple assignments.
The original document you can review here.

1. Secure Access For Workers With Multiple Assignments

Currently Oracle uses person level security model. That means if a user has access to the certain assignment he has access to a person including all assignments and the employment history. This behavior is not compliant with the security requirements for a huge amount of current customers and is a big stopper for new prospects.
An ER was raised many years ago and eventually Oracle managed to change this. Now a customer is able to select which security level fits for its requirements by enabling the following Profile Option Code –

Even if you do not use multiple assignment it might be useful to opt this feature in, because all historical employment records are impacted and if you want to restrict access to this sensitive information now you have a choice!
You can review a detailed feature description here.

Below is the My Team UI before and after assignment-level security enabled:

2. Enhanced Transaction Approvals Support Multiple Assignments In Global Human Resources

Approval transaction rules have been enhanced that way to support workers with multiple assignments. Now, you can have the flexibility to use the management hierarchy of the worker’s assignment for which the transaction is initiated. This is especially useful when workers have multiple or nonprimary assignment transactions.
The rules are primarily intended for transactions that use assignment-level security such as Administer Individual Compensation, Administer Salary, Manage Areas of Responsibility, Manage Salary, Person External Identifiers, and Salary History.

Here is a link to the original description.

3. Multi-assignment Enhancement – Enter Absences For Specific Assignments

In my previous project we were experienced some issues with Absence Management due to the complexity of the requirements. We had different issues related to multiple assignments, absence types with UOM calendar days, integration with Time and Labor , etc. But long story short, I am eager go through all processes once again to check if something got improved in terms of multiple assignments support.

Oracle states that as of 20D you can configure absence types so that managers, administrators, and employees can enter absences that impact either all assignments or a specific assignment.

Here is a link to the original description.

4. Absence Management Integration With Third-party Calendars

As far as I remember this idea is voted by 174 customers so far and finally we will get some improvements. Now when a worker or manager gets a notification about an absence, it includes .ics file as an attachment that can be downloaded and added to third-party calendars like MS Outlook.

Here is a link to the original description.

5. Recruiting

It’s been a lot features added to Oracle Recruiting this year and in the 20D update we have even more improvements to come. Oracle makes a significant investment in the product to be able to offer the best class recruiting solution.

Below are only some of the full list of the enhancements:

  • Search Job on a Map
  • Automatically Initiate a Candidate Duplicate Check
  • Hiring Team Notifications
  • Adjust Offer Letter Content
  • Background Check Package Selection Within Recruiting

Here is a link to the full list of the enhancements.

I hope you will find it helpful.

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