Oracle HCM Cloud 20D Update: The Top 5 Most Valuable Features

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It is getting regular that I review new features of upcoming quarter updates of the Oracle HCM Cloud family. Let’s keep it up with the Oracle Human Resources Cloud 20D update.
There a lot of new features/improvements as usual but I decided to focus on the 5 of the most important from my sight.
Almost all of the selected ones are related to the different improvements for the workers with multiple assignments.
The original document you can review here.

1. Secure Access For Workers With Multiple Assignments

Currently Oracle uses person level security model. That means if a user has access to the certain assignment he has access to a person including all assignments and the employment history. This behavior is not compliant with the security requirements for a huge amount of current customers and is a big stopper for new prospects.
An ER was raised many years ago and eventually Oracle managed to change this. Now a customer is able to select which security level fits for its requirements by enabling the following Profile Option Code –

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Oracle HCM Cloud: Mass Load Internal Mobility Employee Transactions with a Worker REST API

Many global customers use the internal mobility process. At least 4 of my global customers that have multiple legal entities around the world use this process. What is it? International Mobility, or also known as ‘Global Mobility’, is an HR function that refers to a multinational corporation’s ability to move its people to offices in different countries.
This could be done by initiating a ‘Global Transfer’ or ‘Global Temporary Assignment’ actions in Oracle HCM Cloud.
Normally customers request that GTA transactions will be loaded as part of data migration activities. It’s reasonable if there are hundreds of employees that are involved in the internal mobility process.
The challenge here is that Oracle does not provide HDL templates for these actions at the moment.
You can check the MOS note for details: Is It Possible To Load Global Temporary Assignment With HDL? (Doc ID 2629182.1)
The suggestion is to use REST APIs as Workers REST API supports Global Temporary Assignments.
Well, I decided to come up with a simple Python program to address customer’s requirements to be able to mass load GTAs from an excel spreadsheet using a Worker REST API.
Below is the short video that demonstrates this feature:

Please note that the code provided is only for the demonstration purposes and I have used only mandatory attributes to initiate GTA transaction. Of course, it should be adjusted to fit the real customer requirements.

If you are interested in this feature don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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