Oracle HCM Cloud 19C Update: The Top 7 Most Valuable Features (IMHO)

Hi, community,

I have been busy with an integration project for some time and just noticed that our test Oracle HCM Cloud instance has been updated to the latest 19C update.
I looked through What’s New documents and decide to write out the most desirable features. Of course, the full list is quite bigger but I tried to outline those that I personally had in my wishlist.

  • Redesigned User Experience

I see Oracle is approaching to the finish of moving to new redesigned responsive UI for all areas in Oracle HCM Cloud stack. If I am not mistaken, It is stated by Oracle that starting from 20C they stop support a classic UI.

  • Simplified Data Roles regeneration

It has been always challenging to remember to regenerate grants after application roles changes. This is a mandatory task after providing access to profile content Sections.
With this release, you can regenerate data and abstract roles individually or in bulk using the Regenerate Data Security Grants process.

  • Delegate Roles on behalf of others

    This is a requirement that I was asked for every single project.
    Previously, a user could only delegate the roles allowed for delegation himself. With this update, a user with the Human Resource Specialist job role can use the Manage User Account page to delegate roles that are allowed for delegation on behalf of another selected user. The proxy user can see all delegations and who made them on their user account page, but they can’t edit or delete delegations performed by others.

  • HDL Details for successfully imported objects

    I can confirm, that it is much more convenient now to analyze loaded/errored records.
    Now when you use HCM Data Loader to import objects, you can view details for all your imported objects, not just those with errors.

  • Multiple Competency Sections Support in the Performance Document

    Yeah…many customers asked for this feature.
    You can now include multiple competency sections in performance documents to allow different groups of competencies to be evaluated separately.
    Unfortunately, you are forced to enable new enhanced profile management.
    You can only add multiple competency type sections if you have enabled the Enhanced Talent Profile Management. For information about how to upgrade to the enhanced Talent Profile Management, see Upgrading Oracle Fusion Profile Management (Doc ID 2421964.1) on My Oracle Support.

  • Time and Absences Landing Page

    Finally, Oracle collected together all Time and Labor, Absences functions including a Calendar in one landing page.

  • Validate element input values in ICP pages

    I have spent a lot of time on rasing SRs and tried to explain the issue. Eventually, Oracle fixed this. Ok, they call it as an enhancement, let it be 🙂

I hope it is helpful.

Kind regards,



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