Oracle HCM Cloud Release 12: The Top 5 Most Valuable Features

Oracle has recently made an announcement of upcoming Oracle HCM Cloud Applications Release 12 on Oracle Cloud Release Readiness page ( and I am going to outline the most valuable features that were announced. This is only my own opinion and you are welcome to make any additional input. As we can see the major efforts have been made to improve primarily the technology components.
I am eager to see a new release by myself and as far as I know it is expected to be released in February 2017 but only The Lord and perhaps Oracle know the exact dates.
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HCM Data Loader Automation – Part II

A year ago I wrote an article in which I discussed an approach how to automate HCM Data Loader process using a WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility and a Data Loader Web Service.(

I couldn’t even imagine it would be so much popular.┬áThere are more than 2K views for this year.

But there was one issue with an integration web service that prevented to get full advantage of that approach. There was impossible to get a final status of HCM Data load process through a web service method. Continue reading