Oracle HCM Cloud: Mass Load Global Temporary Assignment Transactions with the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC)

Hi, community,

I have been noticing an increasing demand for the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC) for the last couple of years. It is getting extremely strong and keep expanding on new markets. OIC provides a zero-coding (I would say low code) approach for building, deploying, and managing enterprise integration services.
I decided to expand my integration knowledge with this service (inspired by Alex MacDonald GitHub) and build some useful scenarios.
In this blog, I would like to share my experience working with OIC.
You might have read my article – Oracle HCM Cloud: Mass Load Internal Mobility Employee Transactions with a Worker REST API.
It shows how to load internal mobility transactions with a Python code.
I decided to replicate the same process with the OIC service.
OIC is supplied with a large set of predefined adapters. So I used the Oracle HCM Cloud adapter to invoke HCM rest APIs.
It took me two days to build up a simple integration process. It is just for demonstration purposes and, of course, it should be expanded with error/file handlings, etc.

This is the integration orchestration flow:

Below are the orchestrion flow steps:

  • Read file from SFTP
  • For each person number in the input file
  • Get an employee self link
  • Get work relationships by provided link
  • Pass a WR link to the changeLegalEmployer operation

Concludes the post a brief video that demonstrates the described integration scenario in action:

I hope you find this useful.


Oracle HCM Cloud 20D HCM Connections feature overview

Hi community,

Last weekend our internal Oracle HCM Cloud POD was updated to the latest 20D version.
I was eager to see new functionality that was announced early this year. I am talking about HCM Connections.
I assume that the HCM Connections feature will replace directory and person spotlight features eventually. But for now, this is an initial release.

Below is the description I found on Oracle web resources:

Directory and networking
Integrate your employee directory and organization chart with personal employee profile pages, making it easier to find your peers and foster cross-functional collaboration.

LinkedIn profile import
Give employees an easy way to enhance their personal profile by quickly importing their LinkedIn profile information.

My Team
Enable managers to easily access information about their teams’ background, interests, skills, and aspirations, from any device.

Unfortunately, there is still no information about how to configure this feature and Oracle promises update documentation as soon as possible.
However, I managed to enable it! Below is a short animation to give an idea of how it looks like.

The main advantage I found as of now is that the HCM Connections feature uses a department tree to be able to render organization structure based both on supervisor hierarchy and department hierarchy.

Looking forward to getting the official documentation on how to configure the ability to import LinkedIn profile information.

I hope it is helpful.

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