Oracle HCM Cloud 19C Update: The Top 7 Most Valuable Features (IMHO)

Hi, community,

I have been busy with an integration project for some time and just noticed that our test Oracle HCM Cloud instance has been updated to the latest 19C update.
I looked through What’s New documents and decide to write out the most desirable features. Of course, the full list is quite bigger but I tried to outline those that I personally had in my wishlist.

  • Redesigned User Experience

I see Oracle is approaching to the finish of moving to new redesigned responsive UI for all areas in Oracle HCM Cloud stack. If I am not mistaken, It is stated by Oracle that starting from 20C they stop support a classic UI. Continue reading

How to restrict users to enter a salary amount outside a grade range

Hi colleagues,

I have faced with the same requirement a couple of times that has not yet been addressed by standard configuration in Oracle HCM Cloud.
There is an ER filled – System Should Restrict Salary Change if it is out of Grade Range (Doc ID 1625750.1)
Currently the system only fires a warning message but doesn’t prevent submitting a transaction.
I have no idea what prevents Oracle to develop this small enhancement but I would like to suggest a workaround that can resolve the issue.

It is based on the element input validation fast formula we can define for a salary element that is going to be linked to a salary basis as well as a grade rate structure.
Detailed steps you can find here: CASE STUDY: Fusion Fast Formula: How to Create Fast Formula For Element Entry Input Value Validation (Doc ID 1615323.1)

Let me briefly outline the setup steps:
1. Create a Fast Formula. I assume we have only a primary assignment otherwise a formula should be adjusted to support multiple assignments. Continue reading