How to restrict users to enter a salary amount outside a grade range

Hi colleagues,

I have faced with the same requirement a couple of times that has not yet been addressed by standard configuration in Oracle HCM Cloud.
There is an ER filled – System Should Restrict Salary Change if it is out of Grade Range (Doc ID 1625750.1)
Currently the system only fires a warning message but doesn’t prevent submitting a transaction.
I have no idea what prevents Oracle to develop this small enhancement but I would like to suggest a workaround that can resolve the issue.

It is based on the element input validation fast formula we can define for a salary element that is going to be linked to a salary basis as well as a grade rate structure.
Detailed steps you can find here: CASE STUDY: Fusion Fast Formula: How to Create Fast Formula For Element Entry Input Value Validation (Doc ID 1615323.1)

Let me briefly outline the setup steps:
1. Create a Fast Formula. I assume we have only a primary assignment otherwise a formula should be adjusted to support multiple assignments. Continue reading

How to setup a proxy access in Oracle HCM Cloud

There is an extreme need to enable a proxy access for HR specialists, Line Managers to be able to act on behalf of employees to troubleshoot issues in performance module and other modules.
See an oracle cloud customer connect idea lab:

Indeed this function has been presented in early versions of Fusion HCM, then has been replaced by a new delegation feature that provides ability to delegate some roles and approval functions for a certain period.

But It turned out that Impersonation and Proxy Users feature is supported by the Sales module.

In this article I would like to explain a trick that allows you to setup a proxy feature for HCM pages based on the sales impersonation privilege. Continue reading