Epicenter iPaaS FIT4CLOUD Platform Overview

Hi colleagues,

As many of you might know I have recently joined the Epicenter company to ramp up a team with my Oracle HCM Cloud experience.

Epicenter is a recognized leader in providing integration as a service with its FIT4Cloud system.

I have already managed to go through FIT4Cloud certification and participate in a couple of integration projects.

Let me briefly outline the challenges that cloud customers facing in terms of integration and how Epicenter iPaaS solution can help in building a comprehensive hybrid integration landscape to tie Oracle HCM Cloud with other cloud/on-premise systems and legacy applications.


In a recent survey, nearly 90% of respondents claimed integration with existing systems to be a very common problem.

While SaaS applications promise greater flexibility and lower costs, they also present new challenges to incorporate those in the enterprise landscape.

With the addition of each new SaaS application, enterprise data becomes segregated into cloud silos, a problem sharpening by the increasing number of vendors in the SaaS market. In case of Oracle HCM Cloud, most of the global customers are faced with the need to build integrations with local payroll providers. Even though Oracle offers a cloud payroll as well, but from one prospective the number of localizations still doesn’t cover all countries and from other point, customers might have legal or internal restrictions to deploy payroll in the cloud.


Having said that I would like to outline how Epicenter FIT4Cloud iPaaS platform can address complicated hybrid integration scenarios.

FIT4CLOUD is the integration platform as a service for anyone need to connect business applications quickly and easily. It gives you the tools to define connections, migrations, or replications Oracle HCM Cloud with multiple systems using an intuitive UI.

Below are the key advantages that make Epicenter FIT4Cloud platform unique on the market.

  • You don’t need any special technical knowledge to configure any type of interfaces inside FIT4Cloud. No coding anymore. FIT4Cloud provides graphical UI with a set of configuration screens to be able to configure inbound/outbound interfaces for key business users. Using build-up security you can segregate duties based on the roles in the system
  • Support of hybrid integration model SaaS-PaaS-On-Premise
  • Support different integration scenarios (inbound/outbound, data migration, data realignment)
  • All processes can be fully automated based on schedules with configurable notifications to administrators
  • Support for secure data transfer with encryption.
  • Preconfigured repository of interfaces Plug-tune-Play. Those interfaces are preconfigured interfaces designed to integrate Oracle HCM Cloud with other market-leading system providers. Interfaces are already operational and fully supported on our platform, enabling you to plug them in with minimal effort, because up to 90% of the configuration settings are reusable, and only 10% remain to be aligned with your specific requirements.

  • FIT4Cloud is also able to connect to HCM/ERP applications to synchronize reference data
  • ¬†Supports loading HR documents in Oracle HCM cloud in a secure way
  • In addition, I would like to note that the Epicenter team of experts provides full-stack services: the full implementation life cycle from Oracle HCM Cloud implementation itself to building a hybrid integration model with a FIT4Cloud platform and provide ongoing support services.


If you would like to get more details don’t hesitate to reach out to us here or you can send email to me directly at volodymyr.faranosov@epicenter.eu


Kind regards,



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