Taleo Recruiting: How to use JavaScript API


As mentioned in Oracle Taleo Enterprise Recruiting Release Notes Feature Pack 14A 

(Link to full document http://knowledgeexchange.taleo.com/docs/DOC-5482)

A JavaScript API can be used by customers to dynamically extract information from fields displayed in specific pages of the Taleo Recruiting Center, send the information to an external system, and capture the information back into the Taleo fields. The JavaScript API provides IDs for fields displayed in the requisition file, candidate file, and offer grid.
Before 14A, the JavaScript API was available for fields displayed in requisition files and candidate files. In version 14A, the JavaScript API is also available for fields displayed in offers.
The JavaScript API makes it possible for customers to provide their users with tools that are useful for their own processes but that reside outside of Taleo Recruiting.

You can use the following Taleo functions in your javascript code: getLoggedInUserAttribute, viewSource, getTextInControl, setTextInControl. Complete list of available functions you can see in the document mentioned above.

How It works

Unfortunatelly documentation does not provide instructions or samples how to invoke custom javascript code from Taleo. So I would like to show how javascript code interacts with Taleo Recruiting.

For this I will use so called bookmarklets http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet. Below you see simple javascript code which could be inserted in bookmark:

javascript:(function(){function v(){
text = “USER ATTRIBUTES:\n\n”;
text = text + “Username: “+ getLoggedInUserAttribute(“loginname”) +”\n”;text = text + “CANDIDATE FILE TEST:\n\n”;
text = text + “GET VALUES:\n”;
text = text + “Text ‘First Name’: ” + getTextInControl(“firstName”) + “.\n”;
text = text + “Text ‘Middle Name’: ” + getTextInControl(“middleInitial”) + “.\n”;
text = text + “Text ‘Last Name’: ” + getTextInControl(“lastName”) + “.\n”;
text = text + “Text ‘Candidate ID’: ” + getTextInControl(“candidateNo”) + “.\n”;alert(text);}v()})()

Next I will insert javascript code in chrome browser bookmark URL field. Please note code should starts with javascript keyword


Finally I can invoke saved bookmark from Taleo Recruiting Candidates page. See screenshot:




  • A 3rd party application is able to identify information on a requisition/candidate file/offer grid and extract the data for use.
  • A 3rd party application is able to identify information on a requisition/candidate file/offer grid and is able to push data into target fields.
  • Benefit – Third party applications can interact with the Taleo product and the data presented on select screens




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