Taleo Business Edition Fusion HCM New Hire Integration

Last month Oracle released the first version of TBE – Fusion HCM integration capability. It was a long waited feature I waited from Oracle for a couple of years. Finally they started moving in this direction.
It is available starting from Taleo Business Edition Release 17A1.
I suppose the main reason is a growing number of customers who prefer to order Fusion HCM bundle for mid-size companies and also want to get Taleo Business Edition for talent acquisition processes. Customers realized that there is no OOTB integration between TBE and Fusion products like Taleo EE has and were forced to develop custom integration scenarios. But as I have been convinced many times Oracle makes huge investments only if they sure for one hundred percent in quick return. It seems this time is coming.

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Using Payroll Batch Loader to load element definitions with input values

Oracle HCM Cloud Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) is a powerful tool to simplify tasks related to initial migration or mass data entry.
You can use PBL for the following tasks:
• Loading setup data
• Exporting and importing setup data between test and production environments
• Ongoing data loading

I have tried to sort out how to work with PBL several times and finally I made it work.
Working with PBL templates looks a bit confusing.

The basic understanding how to work with Payroll Batch Loader you can get by reviewing the ERPWebTutor blog post: Mass element entry using Payroll Batch Loader Continue reading